The Art Of Shaving Shaving Cream - Peppermint Essential Oil

The Bluebeards Revenge, Traditional Shaving Cream For Men, V

Can be effortlessly worked into a rich shaving lather in just a few seconds. With a fresh and masculine scent, It has an ability to soften stubble and lift hairs for a super smooth wet shaving experience

Helps to protect and rehydrate your skin during and after shaving. The natural moisturising properties of coconut oil help to reduce the friction between your razor and skin, while offering long lasting hydration

Championed by barbers all over the world for its quality and long lasting nature. When used alongside a shaving brush, a 150ml tin should provide 75 super smooth barbershop shaves

Formulated to include no animal products and is vegan friendly. This essential men’s shaving product is cruelty free

Manufactured in the UK and comes packaged in an eco friendly aluminium tin. After use, this tin can be recycled, refilled or repurposed again

The Art Of Shaving Pre Shave Oil - Sandalwood Essential Oil

Suitable for all skin types

Does not leave an oily residue

Prepares the skin for a close and comfortable shave

Softens the beard





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Cuando te lavas el pelo con champú, le quitas sus aceites naturales, que ayudan a mantenerlo sedoso y suave.

Cuidar tu cabello puede ser algo bien difícil de hacer, especialmente en el momento en que no tienes idea exactamente lo que debes hacer para cuidarlo.

Los recursos tienen dentro las vitaminas B y otros nutrientes esenciales.

Top influencers de moda y cuidado masculino

Philip Adesulu

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Robert Spangle

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