Suppyfly Bread Bakers Cutter Slashing Tool Dough Making Razo

Works Great Scoring Sourdoug: Nice clean deep slices in the dough makes your bread look like it came from the bakery, makes homemade bread look professionally made and look amazing. Cuts so much better than trying with even a very sharps cutter.

Works Well And Easy To Use: Handle is shaped to fit and feel great in your hand to give complete control with your slashes — making your sourdoughs look absolutely beautiful. Helps you make smooth cuts on the top of the loaf and so much easier to use than a bare blades on a wooden coffee stirrer

Beautifully Crafted and Well Made: Made of good quality wood and handle design makes it easy to use without getting cut. Once you get your hand on it, it becomes so easy to use, makes very neat precise scoring, a great little tool for a baker!

Wooden Storage Box, Blades Cover Included- Storage box makes it safer compared to having it floating around in a drawer if you happen to forget it is in there, at the same time protecting the blades for re-use and keeping it clean. Super sharps double-edged blades are easy to replace and easy to turn each blades around so you can use all 4 corners of it before having to change blades. Nice small leather pouch covers blades to prevent any incidental damage from edges of the blades and you.

Pizza Cutter Wheel, Pizza Slicer Cutter, Premium Stainless S

Quality and Professionalism: This pizza wheel cutter has a sharp and durable commercial stainless steel pizza cutter that stays sharp and does not rust, is safe and fast.

Perfect: Other pizza cutters push the hot cheese and toppings around because they?re dull. The razor-sharp stainless steel removable blade on this ingenious pizza slicer effortlessly cuts through the thickest crusts and pizza toppings like they?re butter.

Unique Handle for Added Safety: Forget intimidating pizza rockers or weird pizza scissors, this innovative kitchen utensil has an ergonomic handle that keeps your hands and fingers out of harm?s way and gives you better leverage for easier cutting.

The Easiest Pizza Wheel to Clean: When you polish off your pizza pie, and it?s time to clean up, clean it in the dishwasher (please be careful handling the steel blade, it is sharp).

Slice Any Pizza Like a Pro: This pizza cutter will leave you shocked with how easy it is to get a nice, clean cut through your pizza. With its ergonomic handle and flawless finish, you won?t have to cut back and forth and you get to keep your toppings where they belong – on your pizza.

Wedo 078722 Juego de cuchillas para hobby, plástico, platea

De aluminio con una parte del mango engomada

Con el extremo magnético del mango, las cuchillas pueden extraerse fácilmente de su caja de plástico ABS estable

Juego universal con seis cuchillas de formas diferentes

Incluye 6 cuchillas de recambio

Equipo Herramienta de separación de Cuero de Aluminio Dispo

Adjusting the height of the roller up and down easily, can achieve a different thickness of the thickness thinning.

Equipped with 4 different sizes of rollers to choose from, in order to achieve different peeling width.

The large turret space design extends your peeling range.

After you received the machine, please fix the machine, then use the hexagon screwdriver to install a new peeling blade, then set the height adjustable nut to the appreciate position before starting peeling , rotary turret angle, can achieve a different peeling effect.

The machine uses the traditional double-sided razor blades or three-hole industrial blade, the replacement is convenient, it is the best choice for you.



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