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SHAVING BRUSH - with Travel Case - 100% Badger Shaving Brush

💰A LUXURY BRUSH AT HALF THE PRICE – A common problem with shaving brushes, Most want to a Brush with quality and class, but have to pay a premium for the luxury. Benny’s have the answer and its simple…. Receive all the qualities of an expensive brush but pay the price of a cheap one!

😍OUR CUSTOMERS LOVE HOW COMFORTABLE IT MAKES THERE SHAVING EXPERIENCE – Check out the hundreds of positive feedback from shavers new and old. The comfort and ease that this brush makes your shaving experience will be worth giving it a try

🙏SAY GOODBYE TO ALL THOSE LOOSE HAIRS FALLING OUT – This is the most annoying problem when buying a shaving brush. Well luckily for you our Benny’s brush doesn’t shed hairs. We even give you a FREE instruction guide on how to keep your brush going for years to come… YOUR WELCOME!

👑SOME OF OUR CUSTOMERS CALL IT “THE LATHER KING” – This brush will save you money on shaving cream, so we apologise to all your current shaving cream brands, they will have to wait a little longer for your next order. Our brush creates excellent lather and foam with whichever technique and shaving cream you use!

😎FINALLY TO TOP IT OFF….. IT DOESN’T LOOK TO BAD EITHER – If your going to look at something every time you visit the bathroom it might as well look the part as well. Added to the rest of your Benny’s shaving set of course!


Omega 620 1st Grado Super Badger Hair Shaving Brush by Omega

Omega 620 – Brocha de afeitar de pelo de tejón

Progress Vulfix 2190 Pure Badger hair travel shaving brush w

Progress Vulfix 2190 Pure Badger hair travel shaving brush with tube, white by Progress Vulfix



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